Key Escrow


Key Escrow is, as the name suggests, an escrow service for encryption keys. Here you can generate and save keys - which you may use to encrypt your files - and then make the keys available to a third party at a given time. For example:

  • You create a key here, and specify a date (in the future).
  • You will then be sent a link which will retrieve that key after the given date.
  • You use the key to encrypt your document(s), and send the encrypted file(s) to your third party, along with the retrieval link.
  • They can then decrypt the document on or after the given date.

Once created, keys cannot be deleted or altered.

Typical use may be for submitting sealed bids, or pehaps a birthday message...

Registration is free. There may (or may not) be a small (pennies) charge for using the service in future.

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